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Our Free Mortgage Pre-Approval Assessment can help make it happen! By filling out and submitting the form below, our team of experts will analyze your financial situation, credit score, and other relevant information to provide you with an accurate estimate of how much you may be pre-approved for. With our easy and convenient service, you can get pre-approved for your dream home in no time. Our experts will take into account your unique circumstances and local market conditions to ensure that you have a clear understanding of your home buying power. Take the first step towards homeownership today by getting pre-approved with our Free Mortgage Pre-Approval Assessment.

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Mortgage Pre-Approval

One of the first steps in the home buying process is to consult with a mortgage lender about your financing options.

When you know what you can afford, you can focus your home search and make your move more quickly when you find the property you want.

Pre-Approval Checklist

To begin the process submit your application and documents for review. To facilitate this we use a secure borrower portal. With your new account, you will be able to browse, attach, and upload sensitive information without any security risk. If you would prefer to fill out the application through our portal and submit your documents via email please email your documents to [email protected].

1) Fill out the application by creating your free new account. Please click here to create your free new account and complete your application.
2) Copy of all pages of your previous two months' bank statements (Including any savings, checking stocks accounts, 401k, or IRA accounts) 
3) Copy of current pay stub/earning statements covering 1 month.
4) Copy of your driver's license and SS Cards.
5) Copy of your previous two years of full federal tax returns (with any 1099s and W2s)
6) Copy of the DD-214 and/or Certificate of Eligibility (Only for applicants who desire a VA Loan)

We will confirm receipt of each item.

Quick Tips To Make The Pre-Approval Process Easier

  • Your driver's license and social security card can be pictures you take with your mobile phone.
  • We recommend scanning or faxing the rest of the documents like bank statements and taxes which need to be sent in order if they are not already in PDF format.
  • We recommend that you connect us with your accountant or tax service provider or you have them email us your tax returns, 1099s, and W2s directly. 
  • The best way we have found to accomplish this is to simply email your accountant and cc us. That way your accountant has been given authorization from you to release your tax returns and if we need follow-up on any other items we can work on your behalf and you will be kept up to date.

Mortgage Pre-Approval FAQs

Question: Is there any cost associated with going through the pre-approval process?
Answer: The pre-approval process is a free no obligation process to pinpoint what your home purchasing budget is. Getting pre-approved will enable you to view more homes as some homes require a letter just to view the home but more importantly it will signify to the seller that your offer should be taken into strong consideration because you have been qualified and can successfully purchase the home.

Question: How long does my down payment need to be in my account?
Answer: 60 Days

Question: I have a bankruptcy. Can I still be pre-approved?
Answer: Yes, it's still possible for you to be pre-approved and purchase a home. It just depends on the type of bankruptcy. We need a copy of your bankruptcy papers but yes you can be pre-approved and you can possibly still take advantage of using an FHA loan.

Question: I own another property and the previous lender said I would not qualify to purchase another home based on DTI. Does this mean I cannot purchase a home?
Answer: Yes, you can still buy another home. Please ask us about our specific solutions for your specific scenario.

Questions: I owe IRS money. What should I do?
Answer: We recommend that you work with the IRS to create an installment plan. In terms of financing that installment plan will be looked at as a car loan.

Question: I have a co-borrower(s) do they need to fill out the application as well or just me?
Answer: If you are married you can submit one application with both partners' information included in the one application. However, if you are not we will need an application for each applicant.

Question: I have had my credit pulled by another lender. Can I still work with your team?
Answer: Yes

Let's Connect! 

Pre-approval from a lender is the only way to know your true price range and how much money you can borrow for your loan. Let’s connect so you have the tools you need to succeed as a homebuyer in today’s market.